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Our Mission Statement

GoodEarth Montessori School cultivates the full potential of all our students, based on Montessori principles, in a caring and joyful environment.

  • We stimulate the child’s intellectual, social, emotional, physical and spiritual development.
  • We team with parents to develop the child’s independence, self–confidence, and love of learning.
  • We encourage our students to become responsible citizens of our world, and to respect all living things that share our planet.
  • We inspire our staff to evolve and grow as teachers of children in a peaceful world, and support them in their daily efforts to love and nurture every child.

“The child brings us great hope and a new vision.” Maria Montessori (1870-1952)

About Our School

GoodEarth Montessori School has lovingly nurtured students for over 20 years. We are passionate about creating a unique and immensely engaging environment where children are inspired to embrace their curiosity, explore our amazing world and embark on a lifelong journey of learning and discovery.

We offer enriching preschool, Kindergarten and Transitional Kindergarten programs designed to stimulate the physical, emotional, social, cognitive and creative development of each child.

The following are a few benefits of a Montessori education:

  • Richly prepared environment
  • Lessons in grace and courtesy to help encourage self-discipline
  • Recognition of sensitive periods for learning
  • Children progress at their own rate
  • Freedom of choice with responsibility
  • Self-teaching manipulative materials
  • Character and personality development
  • Building a positive self-image
  • Children responsible for themselves and the environment
  • Mixed age groups to promote learning from each other
  • Individual as well as group learning interactions
  • Appreciation of all life

Our Curriculum

Practical Life:

Practical life is designed to invite the young learner to act and work on real life skills that foster independence, coordination, order and concentration.

Examples include: Cleaning, setting the table, dressing and undressing, folding clothes, washing clothes, making beds, gardening, and personal hygiene.


The basic sensorial exercise inspires careful observation and calls attention to specific qualities requiring identification of similarities and contrasts. The mind must judge, compare, classify and draw conclusions. These real and meaningful exercises fascinate and challenge the children.

Examples include: The Pink Tower, Binomial Cube, Color Wheel, Constructive Triangles and Sound Cylinders.


Mathematics in the Montessori classroom can be separated into a few major categories: beginning counting, advanced counting, rational numbers (fractions), and the operations of addition and subtraction. Concepts are presented in a very concrete way so that children 3-6 are not only able to count but skip count, square numbers and work with numbers in the thousands.

Examples include: Red and Blue number Rods, Sand Paper Numerals and Spindle boxes.


The Montessori approach in learning language introduces children to sounds and letters first which leads to writing. After several sounds are mastered, they can begin to encode (spell) and decode (read) words by linking these sounds together.

Examples include: Sandpaper Letters, Sequencing Cards and Movable Alphabet.

Science & Geography:

The Montessori approach to science cultivates children’s fascination with the universe and helps them develop a healthy lifelong interest in observing nature and discovering more about the world in which they live. Students work with specially designed maps and puzzles to learn geography. They learn about space, biology, physics (magnets and electricity), basic chemistry and anatomy.

Examples include: Puzzles, globes/maps, skeletons, x-rays, visiting zoo, and micro-slides.


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